About Me

Hello, I’m Olive Chinezerem Egbuchulem. Nice to meet you!

Hello, I’m Chineze and NO it isn’t pronounced like chinese. I’m the bespectacled nerd behind YARNPUNZEL. I learnt crochet and knitting as a kid, abandoned it for years and rediscovered it during the COVID-19 lockdown. I love all kinds of music and I’m a terrible dancer but I believe there’s still hope for me. I have a HEALTHY addiction for romance novels and I’m a sucker for damaged heroes. I spend a ridiculous amount of time watching TV shows. I’m scared as hell of animals but would love to have a pet dog (in another life maybe…) My favourite adage is from my people, “ebe belụ ugo belụ, nke sị ibe ya ebela, nku kakwa ya”; a close English proverb is “live and let live. My favourite swearword is “BLOODY HELL!”

I started my designing journey unofficially late 2020 with a C2C blanket, a lapghan actually. I was so proud. I officially began designing and blogging early 2021 under the name “Punkwool”, had a self-hosted site that existed for just 4 month. Then I lacked the perspective and ideology I have now, I was struggling with purpose, anyone can design but it takes something extra to build a community.

Before settling with the Yarnpunzel, I was Olive Grace Craftworks, but there are a lot of Olive Grace businesses out there, I wanted something unique and quirky like me, LOL… Yarn + Rapunzel(because of my locs).

Designing gets my creative juices flowing, deciding which design element goes where, choosing stitch patterns, grading to different sizes… My never ending obsession is finding new ways to make simple and elegant crochet that looks knit.

My designs are mostly simple, elegant and understated and sometimes vibrant but always modern. My patterns are usually accompanied by video tutorials to help makers who are visual learners. I also offer helpful tutorials on stitch patterns, cool techniques, tips and tricks.

I’m big sis to four annoying humans and a pharmacy student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.