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Nkeiruka Crochet Pom Pom Hat Free Pattern and Video

NKEIRUKA is a beautifully textured, beginner-friendly, knit-look double brim hat made from a rectangle. You can customize your hat by attaching a pom pom. The crochet pattern is written in 9 sizes so everybody gets a hat!

Crochet pom pom hat

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Get The Nkeiruka Crochet Pom Pom Hat Pattern

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Crochet pom pom hat pin

I love when my crochet looks knit and has gorgeous texture. So far I have only been able to achieve that using a few stitch patterns. My favourite I used as the main stitch pattern of the Nkeiruka Hat, it’s super stretchy and cozy. I have used it in a few of my popular patterns like the Bumbles Socks, Pebbles Cami and the Pebbles Twisted Headband.

“Nkeiruka” is an Igbo name which translates to ”that ahead is greater”. I have an aunt and cousin with the name and I wanted to name this one for them.



Each hat is crocheted flat (turned rows), then the sides are joined using a special technique and finally the crown is gathered. A  pom pom could be attached if desired.


This pattern is sized based on HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE in 9 sizes.


This pattern requires a sport weight yarn / #2


Guage// 24 sts and 20 rows in (slst in 1 st, hdc in 1 st) stitch pattern using 5 mm hook.

Recommended hook// 5 mm hooks.

Notions// Tapestry needle.

For guage, the stitch pattern for guage shrinks up a bit but is very stretchy. As long as you can achieve the stitch gauge while gently stretching the swatch, that is good enough!




Ch 48(54, 60, 63, 66) (78, 78, 81, 84)

Row 1(WS): Sk first ch, yoslst in 16(18, 20, 21, 22) (26, 26, 27, 28) sts, (slst in 1 st,  hdc in 1 st) to end of row.

 47(53, 59, 62, 65) (77, 77, 80, 83 sts

  • From here onwards, work in back loop only (blo) unless otherwise  specified.
  • Starting Ch 1 does not count as a stitch.
  • Stitch count after every row remains unchanged.
  • The (slst in 1 st, hdc in 1 st) / (hdc in 1 st, slst in 1 st)stitch pattern alternates 1 slst and 1 hdc every row. Each row is worked same as the previous one: hdc over hdc and slst over slst.

Row 2(RS): Ch 1 and turn. (Slst in 1 st, hdc in 1 st) until 16(18, 20, 21, 22) (26, 26, 27, 28) sts rem, yoslst to end of row.

Row 3: Ch 1 and turn. Yoslst in 16(18, 20, 21, 22) (26, 26, 27, 28) sts, (slst in 1 st,  hdc in 1 st) to end of row.

Row 4-47(53, 57, 63, 69 (83,  89, 95, 99): Rep last  two rows.

Joining the sides and gathering the crown

  1. Fold the hat with the RS facing inside and the WS facing outside.
  2. To join the brim ribbing stitches: insert hk in next yoslst on starting edge, yo and insert hk in corresponding yoslst on finishing edge BLO, yo and pull up a loop, pull loop through all loops on on hk** Rep from * to **.
  3. To join the (slst in 1 st, hdc in 1 st) st pattern: insert hk in next slst on starting edge and corresponding slst on finishing edge BLO, yo and pull up a loop, pull loop through all loops on on hk; insert hk in next hdc st on the starting edge, yo, insert hook in corresponding hdc st on the finishing edge BLO and pull up a loop. Yo and pull loop through all loops on hk** Rep from * to the end.
  4. Fasten off leaving a long tail to gather the crown.

Use your tapestry needle to weave the tail in and out of stitches along the top of the hat, then pull tightly to gather the hat in. Then tie off and weave in the end. 

Attach a pom pom if you choose and you’re done!

  • The joining instructions can be a bit difficult to understand just by reading, I have provided a video tutorial for audiovisual aid
  • Also learn how to make a pom pom from cardboard 
Crochet pom pom hat free pattern
Crochet pom pom hat pattern
Crochet pom pom hat pattern

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