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Crochet patterns of your summer dreams…

Schematic and yardage information for all patterns and their different nine (9) sizes will be available on May 27th for download. You will receive an email when the files are available to download.

All patterns are size inclusive and covering from 28 inches (71 cm) to 62 inches (158 cm) full bust measurement and 33 inches (83.5 cm) to 62 inches (158 cm) full hips measurement.


For one week, from May 14th to 20th, you will be able to buy the patterns at the best price they will ever be offered – $22.5 (40% OFF!) for the collection which is like getting TWO PATTERNS FREE (excluding the freebie).

The patterns are priced $7.50 per pattern without any discount and there are 5 patterns excluding the freebie.

5 x $7.50 = $37.50

$22.50 = BEST OFFER!

Release Details

Aurora Cami / Guru Shorts – May 29th

Empireline Top / Sensei Tank – June 3rd

Bayzik Tee / Eat Your Charms Tote – June 9th

You will automatically receive the updated pattern files from my website when they are released. You will also receive an email with a code to download from Ravelry if you prefer.

There will also be an option to download all patterns in the collection together as an eBook on the day of the final patterns release, on my website and a code to download from Ravelry.

Want to preorder the patterns individually? Best offer is $5.25 each (30% OFF!)

  1. Aurora Cami
  2. Bayzik Tee
  3. Guru Shorts
  4. Empireline Top
  5. Sensei Tank

Please note that Eat Your Charms Tote is only available for free on purchase of the entire collection and otherwise has to be purchased separately for the full price of $5.


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